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Customs Agent

Trade Agreements and Customs

One of the costliest areas of logistics is the lack of compliance.

At Heroxx Logistix, we specialize in HS classifications world-wide, NAFTA, CETA and other free trade agreements in the Americas and Europe.

We help you to ensure your goods move across borders without delay.

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The most common cause of shipment delays is incomplete documentation.

We give your documentation the attention that it deserves.

It is important that the documentation chain is complete to move goods across borders. Certificates of origin, shipping documentation and being prepared to deal with requests from customs officials are all critical to your international shipments.

Canadian Export Consulting Services

Canadian Export Consulting Services (CECS)

In 2016 we acquired Canadian Export Consulting Services, a firm specializing in controlled goods legislation and export controls.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and are looking forward to new ways to serve our clients.

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World-class logistics management relies on various simultaneous processes converging into the timely delivery to your customer, at a predictable cost.

We understand Supply Chain processes and can provide you with options to help design and implement a flexible strategy to streamline your supply chain leading to a top-notch, lean program.

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An audit of your logistics cost, by our team, will provide you with an unbiased evaluation of how your company manages logistics, often revealing opportunities as well as direct savings, for a pre-determined fee.

We are so confident in our ability provide value that we also accept, if desired, a mandate based on a contingency arrangement.

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Most carriers have strengths in specific types of freight or only have a regional focus.

Selecting the right carrier is crucial to ensure efficient deliveries.

We will match you to the carriers best suited to your needs.